MINNEAPOLIS— NuTek Natural Ingredients, formerly NuTek Food Science, is showcasing an expanded portfolio of cost-effective, clean label ingredient solutions for use across the food, pet food and personal care industries.

NuTek is the company behind Salt for Life and Beyond Himalayan sea and mineral salt blends that deliver up to 75% less sodium and up to 75% more potassium in food recipes and formulations without impacting taste or functionality.

NuTek’s expanded portfolio includes NuXtend, NuSavor and NuForm. NuXtend relies on fermentation to preserve a food’s shelf life and maintain texture and fresh taste. NuSavor was developed to enhance flavors without the need for added sodium and triggers a sensation of richness in savory foods through flavor receptors in the mouth. NuForm is derived from compounds within the cell walls of plants and may be used as a thickener, stabilizer and binder. The ingredient helps retain moisture and enhances the mouthfeel of foods, according to the company.