SAN DIEGO — Sunsweet Bakery has launched a “plum-infused” baked foods product line that includes such products as Purple Country Bread and Purple Swirl Loaf Cake. The products are available at Costco locations throughout Southern California and the Southwest.

“Studies have shown dried plums to be higher in antioxidants, higher in fiber, and lower in sugar than raisins and dried cranberries,” said Tom Leahy, representative for Sunsweet. “Our plum-infused product line is a natural evolution of the Sunsweet brand. By using our customer’s favorite fruit as the key ingredient in our new line of bread, cookies, and pastries, we are creating exciting new taste experiences with a healthier nutrition profile than other similar products. Plus, by combining plums with purple wheat and purple corn, the products are not only further enhanced nutritionally, but they are also beautiful to look at.”

Consumers may choose from a variety of new products, including: Purple Country Bread, Purple Swirl Bread and Purple Dinner Rolls.  The bread line features Sunsweet’s Plum Amazins, purple wheat and purple corn, along with 11 other grains. The company also offers Oatmeal Plum Walnut Cookies and Plum Walnut Breakfast Bites, both made with Plum Amazins.