NEW YORK — Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, a subsidiary of global ice cream maker Froneri, announced its Eskimo Pie ice cream bars will now be called Edy’s Pie. The company also removed imagery featuring an Arctic child in a fur coat from the product’s packaging.

Froneri in June said it would retire the brand due to racial stereotypes associated with the name, which has been criticized as racist nomenclature used to refer to people native to the Arctic. It has since paused production of the ice cream bar under the Eskimo Pie branding and packaging.

“The name Edy’s Pie was chosen in honor of one of our company’s founders, candy maker Joseph Edy, as well as a form of tribute to the entrepreneurial origins of this treat,” said Elizabell Marquez, head of marketing at Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream. “We anticipate Edy’s Pie frozen dairy bars to be on shelf in early 2021.”

The rebranding follows similar moves from Mars, Inc., which last month updated its Uncle Ben’s brand to Ben’s Original, and B&G Foods, Inc., which recently removed imagery featuring a Black chef from its Cream of Wheat products. A rebranding effort to eliminate racial stereotypes currently is underway for PepsiCo Inc.’s Aunt Jemima pancake mix and syrup brand. Conagra Brands also is reviewing its Mrs. Butterworth’s brand.