IRVING, TEXAS — 7 Eleven, Inc. is launching Triton, a new private brand, sugar-free energy drink.

Featuring caffeine and L-theanine sourced from green tea leaves, the beverage contains B vitamins, ginseng, taurine, guarana and amino acids. Triton comes in three varieties: blood orange yuzu, strawberry kiwi, and original, which features lemon, grapefruit and orange flavors.

“7-Eleven is one of the leading beverage sellers in the US, and our private brand drinks are a growing segment of that business,” said Jack Stout, senior vice president of merchandising and demand chain for 7-Eleven. “And that's not by accident. We are always looking for ways to improve quality and offer taste profiles that are new and trending at a great value.”

Triton is the latest in a long line of new private brand beverages launched by 7-Eleven in the past two years. Other recent additions include Quake energy drinks, Skyra Icelandic water, 7-Select organic cold-pressed juices and Replenish sports drinks.