HANOVER, PA. — Good Health, a brand from Utz Brands, Inc., focuses on giving classic snacks a better-for-you edge. Since 1994, Good Health has developed better-for-you snack alternatives including veggie sticks, fruit chips and air-popped popcorn. Now, the brand is making the leap into organic snacking with the launch of Good Health Organic.

To kick off the line’s introduction, the brand teamed up with Organic Valley to roll out two new snacks: Baked Cheese Puffs and Baked Cheese Fries. The puffs are available in a Mac & Cheese flavor, while the fries come in Cheddar and Hot & Spicy varieties. Both formats are made with gluten-free and certified USDA Organic ingredients such as corn, sunflower oil and cheddar cheese.

Using Organic Valley cheese as a central ingredient was key to the product’s development, said Bill Blubaugh, senior vice president of marketing for Utz. One of the largest farmer-owned cooperatives in the United States, Organic Valley’s dairy products and ingredients are made with milk from pasture-raised cows that aren’t treated with hormones and are grass-fed.

“Organic Valley is a premier, trusted organic foods supplier, and their ingredients met the expectations we set for the product,” Mr. Blubaugh said. 

Through this partnership, Mr. Blubaugh said Good Health hopes to gain credibility with millennial mothers, a target market for the new line. 

“Moms want easy snack options they feel good about serving their kids and ones kids love too,” he said. “The cheese snacks segment is leading growth in the salty snack category, according to IRI data, but we also know cheese flavor delivers on what kids love. Delivering the great taste in baked puffs and fries made sense as we wanted a form that was fun for the snacking occasion.”

Consumer testing prior to the line’s launch confirmed the snacks’ potential power. With the strength of the Good Health and Organic Valley brands, combined with the product’s clean label benefits, Good Health was confident about launching the line nationally. Baked Cheese Puffs and Baked Cheese Fries are available in 2.25-oz to 5.5-oz packages for a suggested retail price of $1.89 to $3.99 and six-count variety packs for a suggested retail price of $5.49.

“We’re thrilled to bring these delicious, high-quality snacks to consumers with a renowned partner like Organic Valley,” Mr. Blubaugh said. “By launching Baked Cheese Puffs and Baked Cheese Fries, Good Health Organic is off to a great start. We look forward to Good Health Organic delivering tasty snacks to families.”