CARROLTON, TEXAS – Truco Enterprises, a marketer of tortilla chips, salsa and queso sold under the On The Border restaurant brand, has introduced squeezable varieties of salsa and queso. Available varieties include a medium salsa, queso and guacamole salsa.

"We are thrilled to bring this game-changing innovation to the salsa and dip categories, solving for long-standing consumer challenges of portability and ease of single-use, which we know are barriers to expanded usage occasions," said Shane Chambers, chief executive officer of Truco Enterprises. "On The Border Dips have grown 58% in total MULO in the latest 26 weeks ending Sept. 6, 2020. We are confident that this new innovative packaging will further that growth in the nearly $2 billion-dollar shelf-stable dip segment, just as condiments did when they adopted similar packaging in their categories."