ALBUQUERQUE, NM. — 505 Southwestern is expanding into the tomato-based salsa category with a new line of medium heat red salsas made entirely in New Mexico.

The Thick ‘N Chunky salsa combines serrano peppers, jalapeños, Hatch Valley flame-roasted green chile and diced tomatoes.

The Salsa Casera variety includes serrano peppers blended with Hatch Valley flame-roasted green chile.

The Salsa Picante flavor features jalapeño peppers and Hatch Valley flame-roasted green chile with a variety of spices.

“As the No. 1 premium green chile brand in the country, 505 Southwestern was ready to expand into the massively successful tomato-based salsa category,” said Rob Holland, executive chairman of 505 Southwestern. “We recognized many popular brands often use sugars, dyes and artificial flavors in their recipes, so we created salsas that only use the freshest, highest quality ingredients. And at 505 Southwestern we believe that everything is better with green chile — which is precisely why we incorporated green chiles straight from the Hatch Valley into each of these distinctly different red salsas.”

The new product line is rolling out in Albertsons and Safeway stores with wider distribution slated for 2021. FBN