ASHEVILLE, NC. — Small-batch plant-based meat maker No Evil Foods is partnering with plastic credit platform rePurpose Global to go plastic negative.

The brand will fund recovery and recycling of 2 lbs of plastic waste for every 1 lb it generates.

“As a food manufacturer, plastic is a necessity to create safe products, but we can't ignore our participation in a pressing global plastic-waste problem,” said Sadrah Schadel, co-founder of No Evil Foods. “For No Evil Foods, that means committing to plastic neutrality and choosing to do business responsibly and sustainably by removing twice as much plastic waste generated from our packaging. Until viable alternatives exist, we will continue to seek ways to manage the impact of the creation of our products.”

The Center for Applied Research & People's Engagement (CARPE) will work with rePurpose Global as No Evil Foods’ impact partner. The organization is focused on waste management and has expertise in building new value chains for plastic waste recovery across central and northern India. The partnership is estimated to remove 8,000 lbs of plastic from the ecosystem in its first year, No Evil Foods said.

The company currently wraps its plant-based meat products in an unbleached kraft carton. The packaging is made from 100% recyclable and compostable materials and utilizes plant-based ink and water-soluble adhesives.

“Sustainable packaging is a huge part of the No Evil Foods brand and in the future, we hope to eliminate our need for plastics in our packaging altogether,” Ms. Schadel said. “Until then, we feel that making a plastic neutral or plastic negative commitment through organizations like rePurpose Global is the next best step a company can take.”