IRVINE, CALIF. — Before the Butcher is beefing up its product portfolio — so to speak — with five new plant-based ground meat substitutes.

The company’s new Uncut Ground, Chorizo Ground, Italian Ground, Taco Ground and Breakfast Ground products deliver the flavor, chew and bite of crumbled ground beef, according to Before the Butcher. Gluten-free, cholesterol-free and Non-GMO Project verified, the grounds are made from a proprietary combination of soy, coconut oil, canola oil and natural seasonings. Each serving provides 9 grams of plant protein and as little as 140 mg of sodium.

“More consumers than ever are looking for ways to satisfy their appetite for animal protein with plant-based alternatives that replicate the taste and texture of meat,” said Danny O’Malley, founder and president of Before the Butcher. “Our new grounds products expand their options exponentially, offering both unseasoned and pre-seasoned varieties that substitute for meat in nearly any recipe requiring ground beef.”

Before the Butcher’s new Uncut grounds products are available in 14-oz bricks for a suggested retail price of $7.99 as well as in larger sizes for foodservice use. Thawed products require 5 to 7 minutes of cooking.

The company’s new family of ground products join its portfolio of Uncut branded burgers, including the Uncut Burger, Savory Chicken Burger, Roasted Turkey Burger and Breakfast Sausage Patty products.