ATLANTA — NADI, maker of organic rosehip juices, is venturing into the snack segment with the launch of Happy Hearts Apple Chips. 

Available in Granny Smith and Ida Red varieties, the dired chips are made with one ingredient – apples – with the peels left on. The apples are sliced ultra-thin and dried with Old World Georgian techniques that make them extra crunchy, NADI said. The snacks are vegan, gluten-free, fat free and non-GMO, and each 1.06-oz bag contains 100 calories.

Nina Tickaradze, founder and chief executive officer of NADI, founded the company to revive the ancient Georgian health tradition of rosehip juice, she said. The tradition dates back hundreds of years when people would forage and pick berries from wild rosehip bushes and steep them to make tea-like drinks full of Vitamin C, flavonoids, polyphenols, antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients. 

As a social venture, NADI creates job opportunities for refugees in the country of Georgia who have been displaced by regional conflicts and supports farmers who practice sustainable growing and harvesting techniques.

"NADI Happy Hearts Apple Chips are a delicious way to nourish our bodies and also support our mission of creating opportunities for economic mobility for refugees and farmers who work hard to produce the foods we eat," Ms. Tickaradze said.

NADI products are available at more than 500 retailers in the US, including The Fresh Market stores, select natural food retailers, co-op stores and boutique local businesses. NADI Rosehip Drinks and Happy Hearts Apple Chips may also be purchased on the company's website.