RICHMOND, VA. — Grayson Natural Farms, LLC, a producer of the Landcrafted Food grass-fed, organic meat snacks brand, plans to invest $1.5 million to expand its smokehouse and production plant in Grayson County, Va.

As part of the project, Grayson said it will add 35,000 square feet to its three-year-old manufacturing facility in Independence, Va.

Grayson Natural Farms, which operates under the Landcrafted Food brand, comprises a group of farmers focused on producing organic, grass-fed beef. Landcrafted Food products have no added hormones or antibiotics and are gluten-free and GMO-free.

“I fell in love with the rolling hills of Virginia 40 years ago and appreciate the history, the quality of life, and the people in the area,” said Charlotte Hanes, owner of Grayson Natural Farms. “To me, Virginia is home and a place where we can help our small communities build upon tradition, save family farms, and create work for people who care. Our management team is experienced and has expanded other food companies in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and other states along the East Coast. We sat together and finally decided that this is where we want to be as we grow a stable workforce committed to building a national brand.”

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam approved a $50,000 grant from the Commonwealth’s Opportunity Fund to assist Grayson County with the project. The company is eligible to receive benefits from the Port of Virginia Economic and Infrastructure Development Zone Grant Program, as well as the Virginia Enterprise Zone Program, administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development. Funding and services to support employee training activities will be provided through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program.

“When a Virginia-based company like Grayson Natural Farms invests to expand its operation, there are tangible benefits to the state’s economy, to the job market, and for The Port of Virginia,” said John Reinhart, chief executive officer and executive director of the Virginia Port Authority. “This company is expanding, in part, because of the access this port provides to global markets. We congratulate Grayson Farms on its expansion and look forward to supporting its growth.”