ROSEVILLE, MINN. — Calyxt, Inc. entered a new research partnership with Ness Ziona, Israel-based NRGene Ltd. that includes the adoption of NRGene’s cloud-based genomic platform to accelerate trait discovery in hemp.

NRGene’s technology analyzes breeding populations and generates unique genetic markers for high-value traits. Calyxt will use the technology to search for and discover novel gene candidates that may be used to develop new varieties of hemp for use across food, industrial fiber and therapeutic applications.

The technology will build out Calyxt’s proprietary predictive analytics, which combines insights, data and predictive algorithms to create customized products. The company also is adopting artificial intelligence, machine learning and augmented reality to further enhance its data analytics capabilities.

“The synergistic potential of combining NRGene’s genomic resources with our evolving predictive analytics program will give us a deeper understanding of the complex genomics of hemp and discover novel pathways to target,” said Travis Frey, chief technology officer at Calyxt. “Having access to NRGene’s technology helps jumpstart our ability to quickly identify gene targets of interest to optimize the hemp crop.”