LOS ANGELES — Green Boy Group launched Plant-Meat Protein, a functional plant-based protein powder designed to enhance mouthfeel, boost nutritional properties and enlarge the textured aspects of plant-based meat alternatives.

The non-GMO ingredient is suitable for plant-based burgers, nuggets, sausages and other meat alternatives. It also may be used to produce textured plant-based proteins in the form of crisps or granules, the company said. It is available in four types of protein made from pea, mung bean, fava bean and chickpea.

“This market is evolving with lightning speed, and plant-based meat products made with vital wheat gluten or soy protein are not as popular due to allergy concerns along with whey and casein proteins as they are of dairy origin,” said Frederik Otten, co-founder of Green Boy Group. “With Plant-Meat Protein, we offer a line of more functional, sustainable and healthier plant-based proteins as the building block for the next plant-based meat hit product on the supermarket shelves, in the fast-food chains or online.”