COUNTRYSIDE, ILL. — Sokol Custom Food Ingredients offers co-packing solutions for wet-fill applications, including ice cream toppings, desserts, nut butters, flavor syrups, sauces and more.

The company’s wet-fill capabilities span ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing, inventory control and distribution management. It offers flexible packaging weights for pouches, jars, cans, bottles, pails and drums and may accommodate needs for kosher, halal, gluten-free, organic and non-GMO manufacturing.

“Wet-fill applications are made easy because Sokol offers nimble, flexible and responsive co-packing services, with end-to-end formulation for your products,” said Shannon Pimmel, marketing manager at Sokol. “Depending on your internal team, you can allocate as much or as little of the production process to us as you would like.”