FORT WAYNE, IND. — Artemis International Inc., a supplier of dark berry extracts for functional foods and supplements and owner of the Berryceuticals brand, is bolstering its immune support offerings with the launch of BerryDefense Immune Blend.

The ingredient combines the company’s European black elderberry with extracts of Aronia and black currant to support the immune system along with cardiovascular and eye health.

“While black elderberry is already well-known for its antiviral qualities, Aronia berry and black currant have also demonstrated immune support and antiviral properties in preliminary studies,” said Melanie Bush, director of science for Artemis International. “And since high blood pressure is a risk factor for COVID complications, consumers are also actively seeking heart health ingredients like Aronia extract as a way to help keep their body healthy. Black currant extract was shown in a human study to alleviate the eye strain and vision fatigue many of us are experiencing with increased screen usage this year. Taken together, our BerryDefense Blend serves as a multifaceted immune support blend that addresses several relevant health concerns in today’s health climate.”