DES MOINES, IOWA — Kemin Industries offers label-friendly antioxidant solutions that help maintain taste and texture in refrigerated, plant-based meat alternatives.

The company’s Fortium R rosemary extract provides several benefits for oxidation control, including shelf-life extension, delay of flavor degradation to maintain taste and texture, and color retention so products retain visual appeal. The extract is available in oil- or water-dispersible and dry or liquid forms in a variety of concentrations. Domestically grown, organic options also are available.

Kemin uses a proprietary rosemary extraction process to deliver a highly refined, homogenous solution that contains standardized levels of carnosic acid.

“While shoppers are looking for ‘better-for-you’ products to promote health and well-being, they are also mindful of choosing products that are convenient and easy to prepare,” said Courtney Schwartz, marketing director at Kemin Food Technologies, North America. “As manufacturers move from solely frozen, plant-based meat alternatives to new refrigerated options, protecting product integrity is critical to ensuring taste and meat-like texture remain intact.”