LONDON — Coca-Cola ranked as the strongest brand in the United States, according to Brand Finance, even though its brand value decreased 13% to $33.2 billion. London-based Brand Finance, a brand evaluation company, also evaluates the strength of brands based on factors such as marketing investment, customer familiarity, staff satisfaction and corporate reputation. Coca-Cola scored 91.7 out of 100 on a brand strength index score.

Atlanta-based Coca-Cola took over the top US spot from Disney, which fell to the fourth spot with an 89.7 brand strength index score after its brand value decreased 9% to $51.2 billion. PepsiCo, Inc., Purchase, NY, was ninth in the United States as its brand value dipped 3% to $18.4 billion. Its brand strength index score was 88.4.

Brand Finance praised Coca-Cola and PepsiCo on marketing decisions for the National Football League’s Super Bowl on Feb. 7. Pepsi will replace its traditional Super Bowl advertising with a campaign lead for its halftime show. Coca-Cola will promote other brands within the company in pre-game messaging.

CBS is seeking $5.5 million for Super Bowl in-game advertising packages, according to Brand Finance.

“The move toward other forms of advertising means each brand will still have a presence around the game but without the pressure of paying the exuberant prices required for Super Bowl entry,” Brand Finance said. “While it’s clear that the primary reason for bowing out of in-game commercials for this year’s much anticipated sporting event is to save money, neither brand will experience long-term damage by doing so and still remain two of America’s strongest brands.”

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Brand Finance pointed out Coca-Cola in December announced it was laying off 17% of its global workforce because COVID-19 decreased the number of sporting events and open movie theaters, which in turned decreased soft drink sales.

Deloitte was second in US brand rankings with a score of 91. Amazon was third with a score of 89.9.

Brand Finance evaluates over 5,000 brands in the world each year and measures them on brand investment, stakeholder equity and business performance.

Apple overtook Amazon and Google to become the world’s most valuable brand after an 87% brand value increase to $263.4 billion. Amazon placed second globally with a 15% increase to $254.2 billion. Walmart was fifth with a 20% increase to $93.2 billion.

Global lockdowns because of COVID-19 hurt foodservice. Brand values decreased 6% to $38.4 billion for Starbucks Corp., 10% to $33.8 billion for McDonald’s and 12% to $15.1 billion for KFC, a brand owned by Yum! Brands, Inc. Domino’s Pizza, thanks to operating on takeaway orders, saw its brand value increase 7% to $6.1 billion. Taco Bell, another brand owned by Yum! Brands, saw its brand value increase 7% to $5.8 billion following the launch of a pandemic-inspired service in which customers place orders on a digital app, drive to the restaurant and have an employee bring food straight to the car.

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