PARMA, ITALY — Barilla has acquired the Catelli dry pasta business in Canada from Madrid, Spain-based Ebro Foods for C$165 million ($130 million). The transaction was first announced in late October 2020.

The Catelli dry pasta business includes the Catelli, Lancia and Splendor brands and a plant in Montreal. In 2019, the Catelli dry pasta business generated revenues of C$103.3 million and contributed C$9.5 million in net profit to the Ebro Group.

“In Barilla, we’re leading the charge in transforming the pasta category, and as a category leader worldwide, it’s our mission to be an architect of growth,” said Claudio Colzani, chief executive officer of the Barilla Group. “Given the synergies between our business strategies, commitments and values, Catelli dry pasta is a natural fit for the expansion of our business. This acquisition will help underscore the importance of our responsibility to not only serve and satisfy the ever-changing needs of consumers through innovation but also to anticipate them.”

In order to assure an orderly transition of the business for both parties, Barilla said it will work with Catelli to assure critical information and services are shared and provided between the businesses. All of this is being done to keep the businesses operating smoothly and identify efficiencies for customers and consumers, the company said.

In addition to the acquisition, Barilla said it is investing €1 billion in Italy over the next five years (2020-24). Barilla said the investment will fund several projects, including existing pasta production sites and acquisitions. In 2020, the company finalized the purchase of a pasta plant in Italy.