SEATTLE — Rebellyous Foods is expanding its portfolio of frozen plant-based meat alternatives, adding patties and tenders, and has reformulated its nuggets recipe. The products contain no cholesterol, antibiotics or hormones and have less saturated fat than conventional chicken nuggets, according to the company.

The products are debuting at select foodservice outlets and grocery retailers in Oregon and Washington.

“Our fans — from chefs to individual consumers — love our nuggets and have long been asking for patties and tenders,” said Christie Lagally, founder and chief executive officer of Rebellyous Foods. “We’ve been hard at work creating the next generation of products that taste exactly like one expects when they bite into a chicken sandwich, nugget, or tender: crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. We believe these are a game changer and set a new industry standard for taste.”

Founded in 2017, Rebellyous Foods developed manufacturing technology to produce high volumes of plant-based alternatives to chicken products using a combination of soy and wheat protein. Last spring, the company raised $6 million in Series A funding to expand production capacity.