CHICAGO — Fonterra USA is introducing milk phospholipids in the United States under the NZMP dairy ingredients brand.

Milk phospholipids are naturally found in milk and have been shown to help manage the effects of stress in clinical studies, the company said.

Made from non-GMO, grass-fed cow’s milk, the complex lipids are high in whey protein, which supports muscle growth and recovery, and low in sugar and lactose content. They have a clean taste and are suitable for use in a variety of food and beverage products, including nutrition bars, ready-to-mix powders, supplement sachets and more, Fonterra said.

“The launch of our milk phospholipids is an exciting moment for NZMP and the dairy industry as a whole,” said Charlotte Ortiz, global marketing and communications manager at Fonterra. “By extending our portfolio into the mental wellness space, we’re helping food brands tap into new consumers’ needs, such as mood-enhancement and cognitive performance under stress — issues that have recently amplified due to the pandemic.”