PURCHASE, NY. — In a saturated beverage market filled with drinks for children and adults, PepsiCo, Inc. is focusing on the in-between stage — teenagers — with the debut of Frutly hydrating juice waters.

“The launch of Frutly is the result of identifying a white space in the ambient juice aisle,” said Samantha Siegal, senior director of ambient juice marketing at PepsiCo. “We found that the current category does not have offerings for teens who have outgrown the juice boxes and pouches of their childhood and are now seeking products that better fit their more mature lifestyle.”

Made with fruit juice, water and the electrolytes magnesium and potassium for taste, Frutly beverages are formulated with vitamins C and E and contain no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. The drinks come in strawberry kiwi, fruit punch and apple grape flavors. The beverages are made with grape juice, apple juice and strawberry juice, and the fruit punch and strawberry kiwi flavors also add black carrot juice. Each 12-oz bottle contains 60 calories and 15 grams of sugar.

“Recent research has shown parents are looking for healthier beverage options for their families; in fact, 56% of people leaving the category blame poor nutritionals like sugar, calories, and artificial sweeteners for pushing them away,” Ms. Siegal said. “And what’s more, very few — if any new products — in the market check the boxes for both these needs from parents and teens. Frutly is the answer to this dilemma, delivering on parents’ demands for hydration with no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners, and teens’ cravings for delicious, refreshing taste.”

Hydration was a top concern as PepsiCo formulated Frutly, Ms. Siegal added, especially during the pandemic.

“Research shows that more than half of all children and adolescents in the US are not getting enough hydration,” she said. “Having hydrating drinks available that are also shelf-stable remains essential as we all continue to work and learn from home, and Frutly is well positioned to serve as a delicious and functional juice water option that both teens and their parents can feel good about.”

Frutly hydrating juice waters are available nationwide for a suggested retail price of $1.29 per 12-oz bottle and $3.98 to $4.59 for a four-pack.