QUEBEC CITY — Expresco Foods is launching a new protein line under its Pro2Go brand that combines the brand’s grilled chicken breast and whole breast chicken skewers with on-the-go convenience.  

The skewers single-serve package delivers 21 grams of protein in a 4-oz serving and comes in Sweet Sriracha Style, Chipotle Style and Rotisserie Style varieties. The skewers are designed with a microwaveable container for easy heat-access as well as a detachable sauce tray.  

The grilled chicken breast packs provide 15 grams of protein per 2.46-oz package and come in Spicy BBQ, Lightly Seasoned and Buffalo-Style varieties.  

“The Pro2Go line is ideal for grab-and-go consumers looking to power up with a quick, high protein snack or meal,” said Francis Cartier, marketing and new products director for Pro2Go. “We are happy to be a grab-and-go snack solution to those seeking a low-carb, high protein diet in the New Year. Our new line was designed with convenience in mind for those looking for an easier, healthier protein option.” 

The new products will be on shelves in major US retailers for a suggested rertail price of $3.99 for the skewers and $2.99 for the grilled chicken breast.