NEW YORK – Remedy Organics is adding Immunity+ Shots to its line of wellness shakes. The shots are available in four varieties branded as Heal Me, Protect Me, Energize Me and Detoxify Me.

The Heal Me shot features ginger, turmeric, acerola and lemon. The Protect Me shot is formulated with elderberry, ginger, acerola and cayenne. The Energize Me shot is made with Japanese matcha, ginger, and L-Theanine. The Detoxify Me shot contains activated charcoal, ginger, acerola and cayenne.

The certified USDA organic products are all excellent sources of vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc, according to the company. They also are formulated with prebiotics.

“Now more than ever, consumers are looking for ways to boost their immune system, so it was the perfect time for our introduction into the wellness shot category as our Immunity+ Shots provide a natural way to boost immunity and overall health,” said Cindy Kasindorf, founder of Remedy Organics.