SOMERSET, NJ. — Advanced Food Systems offers several systems for improving the texture, flavor and stability of soups.

The company offers Chef-Ready Stock Bases, a line of powdered flavor systems that hydrate in water. They are available in chicken, beef, vegetable, turkey, pork and seafood varieties. Advanced Food Systems also offers a line of Chef-Ready Soup Bases. The bases serve as complete texture and flavor systems for finished soups and are available in broccoli cheddar cheese, cream of mushroom and creamy tomato basil flavors. Clean label and low-sodium options also are available.

The company’s Actoloid product line offers several options for improving soup texture and stability. Actoloid 665 delivers a smooth consistency and high viscosity without masking flavors, while Actoloid 2789 and Actoloid 2124 improve high-temperature emulsions and steam table stability in cream-based and high-fat soups.

Advanced Food Systems also offers salt replacers and salt substitutes, cheese and butter flavor boosters, and a savory flavor booster.