MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Century Pacific Food, Inc. has launched a new competitor in the plant-based burger category — unMEAT.

Formulated with non-GMO ingredients, the unMEAT burger contains 230 calories and 17 grams of protein per serving with no cholesterol or trans-fat. The patties are made with soy protein, vegetable oil, onion, wheat, salt, vinegar and soy sauce.

“Our legacy is rooted in providing quality proteins across a number of food categories, from dairy to plant-based," said Gregory Banzon, chief operating officer of Century Pacific. "This is only the beginning of our commitment to delivering delicious and affordable plant-based options.”

Century Pacific teamed up with Symrise Group to develop the flavor profile and clean label of the burger, according to the company.

“Century Pacific is a disruptor in the food industry, with a proven track record of delivering products consumers crave,” said Lionel Flutto, president of Asia-Pacific for Symrise Flavor. “There are many products in the plant-based space, but not many carry a clean label, as this is quite challenging to do. Symrise has extensive experience in creating the right taste from natural materials, so we were able to partner with Century Pacific to create the cleaner label of product that consumers desire.”

The unMEAT burger will make its first US appearance on the menu at Jeepney, a Filipino gastropub in New York.  

“I love that the plant-based category has gone mainstream recently, changing perception and behavior,” said Nicole Ponseca, chef, founder and chief executive officer of Jeepney. “We have seen some incredible flavor profiles enter the market and completely disrupt it, and I think unMEAT is only going to further that disruption.”