MINNEAPOLIS — Cargill added tapioca starches to its SimPure line of label-friendly starches.

The new offerings include two tapioca starches sold under the SimPure 996 series and two sold under the SimPure 999 series. The non-GMO texturizers offer a neutral flavor profile and are suitable for use in a range of applications, including dairy and dairy alternatives, convenience sauces, ready meals, meat alternatives and pet foods.

Tapioca starches in the SimPure 996 series create soft gel textures in yogurts and meat alternatives. They offer a creamy mouthfeel, strong water-binding properties and cold-storage stability.

The SimPure 999 series encompasses Cargill’s non-gelling tapioca starches. They deliver creamy textures in spoonable yogurts, pumpable fruit preps and other applications that require a thick-but-fluid texture. They offer cold storage stability and are a good choice for kettle-cooked soups, sauces and ready meals, the company said.

The tapioca starches join a lineup that includes waxy corn- and potato-based starches.