LOS ANGELES – MegaMex Foods, a joint venture between Hormel Foods Corp. and Herdez Del Fuerte, is launching Herdez Mexican cooking sauces in four flavors.

The Traditional Chipotle sauce combines the smoky flavor of chili peppers with a sweet tanginess of tomato, onion and vinegar. The Roasted Pasilla Chile sauce is a mild blend of tomatoes, onions and garlic. The Red Guajillo Chile sauce delivers green tea and slight berry flavors with mild heat. Tomatillo Verde sauce is green and tart with medium heat and a zesty blend of tomatillos, chilies and a hint of cilantro.

“The four flavors we’ve chosen for the launch of the Herdez Mexican Cooking Sauces are foundational within authentic Mexican cooking,” said Gilberto Gutierrez, brand manager for Herdez Brand and Import Foods for MegaMex Foods. “The sauces do not compromise on the delivery of real, authentic flavor, yet allow consumers to forego the time, effort and know-how associated with making these sauces from scratch.”

The product is available in select retailers in the Los Angeles area with a national rollout scheduled for June. The suggested retail price is $3.49 for a 12-oz jar.