KANSAS CITY — The global caffeinated beverage market was valued at $202.63 billion in 2018 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 6.81% between 2019 and 2025, according to Grandview Research.

“Rising awareness about the health benefits of caffeine drinks, such as increased metabolism and strength, will boost the product demand, thereby augmenting the market growth,” Grandview Research said. “Rising demand for these beverages due to hectic lifestyles and increased health consciousness is the major growth-driving factor.”

To differentiate in this saturated market, caffeinated beverage manufacturers are formulating these drinks with more benefits than just a boost in energy.

Ingredients to enhance immune support are showing up alongside caffeine in new offerings from Riff, PepsiCo, Inc. and ZOA Energy.

New Riff Energy+ Immunity is a sparkling energy drink featuring plant-based energy and immunity boosting ingredients. The beverages are made with cascara, an upcycled coffee bean pulp that is otherwise discarded. The drinks also include antioxidants like elderberries and vitamin C. Riff Energy+ Immunity drinks are non-GMO, carbon neutral and contain 120 mg of caffeine per can.

“At Riff, we love coffee, but don’t love coffee's impact on our planet,” said Paul Evers, co-founder and chief executive officer of Riff. “When we discovered that the coffee fruit (cascara) is packed with nutrients and livened up with natural caffeine, we were inspired to add a unique, fruit-forward energy beverage to our lineup to help keep the earth we love in balance. Not only are we delivering consumers an immunity-boosting, clean label refreshment, we’re also making an impact in the coffee industry by creating economic viability for small coffee farmers with a new source of income and minimizing waste left by unused remains of the coffee fruit.”

PepsiCo, Inc. is launching Mtn Dew Rise Energy, a new energy drink designed to offer a mental boost and immune support, according to the company.

Featuring no added sugar and 25 calories, Mtn Dew Rise Energy contains approximately 180 mg of caffeine (compared with 77 mg in original Mtn Dew soda), vitamins A and C, antioxidants, citicoline, zinc and fruit juice. The beverage comes in 16-oz cans and is available in six flavors: Pomegranate Blue Burst, Orange Breeze, Strawberry Melon Spark, Tropical Sunrise, Berry Blitz, and Peach Mango Dawn.

“As energy beverages evolve to provide even more functional benefits, we’re excited to introduce the new Mtn Dew Rise Energy for those looking for a morning boost with enhanced mental clarity and immune support that helps you conquer the morning to conquer the day,” said Fabiola Torres, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of the energy category for PepsiCo.

ZOA Energy drinks contain 160 mg of caffeine from unroasted green coffee and green tea extract, 250 mg of branched-chain amino acids and 100% of the daily value of vitamin C from camu camu, acerola and asorbic acid. The 16-oz beverages also include turmeric, vitamins D, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12, choline, potassium, magnesium and electrolytes. The energy beverage comes in five varieties: original, pineapple coconut, super berry, wild orange and lemon lime. All five flavors also come in zero sugar varieties.

“I’m humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve our eager consumers with ZOA — the ultimate healthy and immunity-supporting energy drink that’s the first of its kind, thanks to our unique combination of ingredients,” said Dwayne Johnson, co-founder of ZOA Energy. “My co-founders and I spent the last 18 months formulating this healthy and great tasting product that we could all use now more than ever, ensuring we packed it with the critical vitamins and immune support we ourselves consume daily. ZOA is the world’s first and only healthy energy drink that contains our unique combination of 100% vitamin C, 100% vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12, and vitamin D, along with other vital ingredients. ZOA includes a host of nutrients that work to support our immune systems and provide us with a healthy dose of the caffeinated edge we need for focus, balance and success throughout our day. It’s truly our privilege to bring it to market for consumers to enjoy.”

Better-for-you innovation also has been brewing in the caffeinated beverage segment as manufacturers create new natural, organic, low-calorie and low-sugar options to appeal to health-conscious consumers.

Nestle SA’s Perrier brand is launching its first line of carbonated energy beverages that are made with plant-based caffeine from organic green coffee and yerba mate extracts. Perrier Energize contains about the same amount of caffeine as an 8-oz cup of coffee. The beverages are certified organic and contain 35 calories and 7 grams of sugar per can. Flavors include pomegranate, grapefruit and tangerine.

“As we continue to expand and innovate within our premium waters portfolio, we are constantly exploring new product offerings to bring to our fans,” said Thomas Conquet, marketing director, Nestle Premium Waters, Nestle USA. “For Perrier, a brand known for its uplifting refreshment, the move to the functional beverage space felt like a natural extension. We know consumers are looking for something to help them through that afternoon slump and we wanted to differentiate from our competitors with a low-calorie option that features natural flavors and organic plant-based caffeine.”

Starbucks Corp. partnered with PepsiCo to produce new lower-calorie, lower-sugar ready-to-drink coffee beverages called Starbucks Cold & Crafted. Made with cold-brew coffee with a splash of milk and light sweetness, the drink comes in three flavors: Coffee with a Splash of Milk & Vanilla, Coffee with a Splash of Milk & Mocha, and Coffee Sweetened Black. The vanilla and mocha flavors contain 90 calories and 15 grams of sugar, while the black variety contains 50 calories and 10 grams of sugar.

“The team’s primary focus was to develop lightly sweetened coffee beverages, below 100 calories, without compromising the taste profile,” said Manpreet Cheema, senior product developer on Starbucks’ R&D team. “Choosing the best roast profiles and brewing method was key to delivering on a smooth, refreshing sip, and we did months of tastings and consumer tests to make sure we got it just right.”

Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. is introducing Wave, a line of naturally caffeinated sparkling waters made with fruit juice. Developed exclusively for Walmart, it is available in strawberry-lemon, mango-passionfruit, mandarin-blackberry and cranberry-pineapple flavors, each containing 50 mg of caffeine derived from black tea.

The sparkling waters contain no added sugars and are free from artificial flavors, preservatives and sweeteners.

“Ocean Spray Wave bridges the gap for consumers who want a lightly caffeinated option — with the convenience and flavor of soda — but without the added sugars,” said Kim McAllister, director of innovation at Ocean Spray. “We are excited to share yet another product that innovates and diversifies our line of drinks and snacks beyond the juice aisle.”

Ocean Spray in November 2020 debuted B1U, a new functional beverage line made with simple ingredients and bottled in recyclable packaging. The “I Need a Boost” beverage is watermelon cucumber infused water with 60 mg of black tea caffeine and no calories.

“The functional beverage category continues to be driven by health-conscious consumers who know their food is fuel for living a healthy life and are interested in a holistic approach to well-being,” Ms. McAllister said. “We are excited to offer the B1U brand as an innovative new entrant into the fast-growing infused water category that is forward-thinking, tasty and nutritious and will inspire customers to try it and choose it again and again.”

Caffeinated beverage makers also are positioning their new offerings as sports nutrition products to stand out in the market.

In February, BA Sports Nutrition, LLC introduced Bodyarmor Edge, a new line of premium sports drinks formulated with natural caffeine. The beverages combine a coconut water-based formula with antioxidants, cane sugar, 1,000 mg of electrolytes and 100 mg of caffeine. Flavors include Berry Blitz, Tropical Chaos, Power Punch and Orange Frenzy.

“Bodyarmor has transformed the sports drink category by providing hydration options that today’s athletes want and need — and Bodyarmor Edge is our most innovative product yet,” said Brent Hastie, president of Bodyarmor. “Bodyarmor Edge combines our proven sports drink formula with a boost of natural caffeine for consumers who are looking to get more out of their day.  We are excited to launch Bodyarmor Edge, another game-changer in sports nutrition and performance within our portfolio of active hydration products.”

Danone North America in December 2020 debuted Oikos Pro Drinks, which are formulated to provide the protein, minerals and essential amino acids required to build and maintain strong bones and muscles, according to Danone. The drinks contain leucine, a branch chain amino acid involved in building muscle. Oikos Pro Drink contain 25 grams of protein, no added sugars and 9 essential amino acids per 20-oz bottle. The beverages come in four flavors, two of which contain 100 mg of caffeine: caramel macchiato and coffee.

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