NEW YORK — The founders of New York-based Occo hope to help home cooks create inspired dishes while reducing food waste. Lisa Carson and Connie Wang developed the brand of pre-measured micro portions of spices sealed in airtight pods to preserve freshness.

Ms. Carson and Ms. Wang partnered with chefs to offer a range of recipe-ready seasoning cards spanning a variety of cuisines. Options include Caribbean-Creole Bistro, Late Nite Koreatown, Kebabs Four Ways and Grand Latin America. The brand also features collections such as The Pepper Sampler, with 8 varieties of ground pepper; The Cinnamon Sampler, with 4 different types of cinnamon; The Chile Sampler, with 8 chile peppers from around the world; and The Herb Garden, with 16 dried herbs.

The brand initially debuted as a Kickstarter campaign, raising nearly $74,000 from more than 1,300 backers. Previously the pair worked together at a digital communications agency. The concept pre-dates the pandemic-driven surge in home cooking but is launching at a time when most consumers expect to continue preparing meals for the foreseeable future.

“The idea behind Occo is simple: perfect portions of ingredients you may not use again, or any time soon,” Ms. Carson said. “I don’t want a meal delivery kit shipped to my house so I can feel guilty about it sitting in my fridge when I work late. I want exactly what I want, when I want it.”

The spice cards are available at