HERMOSA BEACH, CALIF. — You Again, a new brand of functional, customizable baking mixes, is introducing ancient nutrition to the modern consumer. Inspired by Ayurvedic principles, the products are organic and free from dairy, gluten, refined sugars and flours, additives and preservatives.

Founder Priya Mulvihill drew from her Indian heritage and personal health journey to create the recipes. Each of three cookie mixes is formulated for a specific benefit. The mint chocolate cookie mix is designed to promote performance, cooling and stress relief and contains cacao, spirulina and cordyceps. The chocolate chip cookie mix has ashwagandha, reishi and holy basil for calm, relaxation and rest. The oat ginger raisin cookie mix features maca, lion’s mane and chaga mushroom to support mood, vitality and focus.

To prepare, consumers combine the dry mix with a creamy nut or seed butter or coconut oil and water. In addition to adaptogens, the mixes contain ingredients such as almond flour or sprouted oat flour, coconut sugar, organic maple sugar, ground flax seeds and pink Himalayan salt.

Priya Mulvihill, You Again“It was all based on ingredients I was using every day in my life and ingredients commonly used in Ayurveda and putting those together,” Ms. Mulvihill said. “Where we really set ourselves apart is by offering super transparent supply chains and organic ingredients. The only ingredient that is not organic is almond flour because it’s super expensive. We source from a small farm in California.”

Following years of struggles with disordered eating and fad diets, Ms. Mulvihill embraced functional medicine several years ago, seeking guidance from a practitioner to incorporate adaptogens and superfoods into her routine. She began adding ingredients such as maca and ashwagandha to home baking and shared batches with friends.

“In India where adaptogens are traditionally used, oftentimes they are used in a heating method, whether they’re cooked into foods, or stewed into teas, they are always heated,” Ms. Mulvihill said. “Working with Ayurveda practitioners in India, I knew there were still benefits even when you do heat it or bake or cook with them.”

A certified public accountant, Ms. Mulvihill held finance roles at wellness brands RXBAR and Your Super prior to launching her business. Those experiences provided connections, insights and exposure to entrepreneurial culture that proved instrumental in founding the company.

The brand debuted late last year and is sold online at youagain.co and in Erewhon stores in Los Angeles. Next month, You Again will be available at Pop-Up Grocer in Chicago. Longer term, Ms. Mulvihill plans to expand into additional categories, including powdered beverage mixes and even personal care products.

You Again baked cookies“We started with baking because of my passion and my story and how I used these adaptogens in my baking,” she said. “And also capitalizing on what came out of the pandemic, that being a lot more people are in the kitchen and a lot more people are baking.”

Consumer adoption of adaptogens has increased recently, but many remain unaware of the ingredients’ history in ancient medicine. Ms. Mulvihill acknowledged the opportunity to educate and inform as one of few brands marketing Ayurveda to mainstream shoppers.

“Think about yoga 20 years ago; yoga is a part of Ayurveda,” she said. “If that’s telling at all I think there’s so much to come from it, but we’re still one of the first companies talking about it, so we have to be mindful of what we’re sharing without it being scary or foreign or unknown.”