INDIANAPOLIS — Epogee published a white paper offering a solution to the growing obesity epidemic. Titled “Cooking up a fat revolution with EPG,” the resource discusses consumer dynamics and highlights EPG, an alternative fat technology that helps manufacturers lower calories in a variety of food and beverage applications.

Unlike fat substitutes that are based on sucrose or starch molecules, EPG is made from fat and does not require the addition of sugar or other ingredients like starches, gums, binders, preservatives and flavor enhancers currently used in low-fat and low-calorie foods, according to the company.

“EPG is made from fat, so it still functions the same from a taste and texture standpoint,” said Sarah Malenich, senior director of marketing at Epogee. “But since it’s not completely absorbed during digestion, it cuts 92% of calories for each unit of fat replaced. What this really means is EPG is an absolute game changer for innovating new food and beverage products.

“Now it is possible for manufacturers to address consumer health concerns such as calorie control and weight management — and help solve the obesity problem.”