ST. LOUIS — Bright Future Foods, LLC, a subsidiary of Post Holdings, Inc., and EverGrain LLC, a sustainable ingredients company that has received support from Anheuser-Busch InBev, are collaborating to create new sustainable and climate-positive food, the companies announced April 22.

The products will contain EverGrain’s barley-based protein and fiber ingredients, which are sourced from spent grains from brewing, and Bright Future Foods’ oats, which have a negative carbon footprint.

“EverGrain’s innovative processes make its barley-based ingredients one of the most sustainable plant protein and fiber sources in the world while Bright Future Foods is pioneering climate-friendly snacking that starts with greenhouse gas-removing grains and targeted sustainable agriculture practices,” said Mark Izzo, chief executive officer of Bright Future Foods, an incubator established by St. Louis-based Post Holdings to identify new technologies, business models and trends.

Bright Future Foods previously launched Airly Oat Clouds crackers, a climate-positive snack.

St. Louis-based EverGrain was launched in 2020. EverGrain is a separate company from AB InBev, but AB InBev invests in EverGrain and supplies spent grains to EverGrain.

“We are thrilled to partner with Bright Future Foods on reimagining the food supply chain and developing products that are nutritious, great tasting and sustainable,” said Greg Belt, CEO of EverGrain. “They are pioneering new ways to help address climate change through food and we are proud to partner with them on that journey.”