MORTON GROVE, ILL. – Lifeway Foods, Inc. is expanding its line of kefir products.

ProBugs Bites are tiny freeze-dried kefir melts for babies. The shelf-stable product is available in orange, berry and strawberry banana flavors.

ProBugs Organic Green Kefir is a yogurt-like smoothie blend of kale, broccoli, spinach, cabbage and apple. Designed for children, the product is packaged in 4-oz pouches.

ProBugs Blast is a low-fat smoothie designed for tweens in cherry lime, grape, strawberry kiwi and peach mango flavors.

Low Fat Honey Fig Kefir joins a line of 13 low-fat kefir that also includes chocolate truffle, cappuccino, coconut chia and pomegranate.

Frozen Kefir Bars are tart and tangy treats in pear, coconut, vanilla and green tea raspberry flavors.

“These new products reinforce the message we’ve been sending for years: healthy snacks don’t have to be boring,” said Julie Smolyansky, president and chief executive officer. “The success of products like our ProBugs and frozen kefir lines proves that millions of consumers are hungry for better pick-me-up options than ice cream and candy bars, and we continue to expand our product portfolio to meet that demand.”