KANSAS CITY — Oat milk has surged to the second most popular plant-based milk, according to sales statistics from SPINS published in September 2020. Oat milk sales represented a total of $213.35 million in the 52 weeks ended Sept. 6, 2020 — an increase of 351% from a year prior for refrigerated varieties and 106% for shelf-stable products.

The most popular plant-based milk is almond milk, which has 63% of the total market, SPINS said. Almond milk sales were worth $1.497 billion in that same 52-week period. Soy milk, with $202.25 million in sales, was pushed out of second place by oat milk.

“Besides oat milk’s creamy-like texture, one reason consumers love this alternative is to support sustainability efforts, as it requires less water to produce than other plant-based milk alternatives,” said Georgia May, an associate with SPINS. “While brands like Chobani and Califia Farms have established themselves in this category, watch for more oat milk products to hit the shelves as sales skyrocket and innovation crosses over into other categories like oat-based creamers, ice cream, and more.”

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