ATLANTA – World Select Cuts LLC is debuting Aussie Select, a new line of  premium deli meats featuring free-range, pasture-raised Australian lamb. The products are ready to slice and ready to eat.

“Our artisan butchers draw on centuries of tradition and expert craftsmanship to produce specialty meats that command attention for being decidedly different and noticeably better,” the company said. “With lamb making a strong showing on menus nationwide and becoming a more familiar protein in American homes, it’s an optimal time to source a premium deli meat featuring all-natural Aussie lamb.”

The Aussie Select deli line products are available fully cooked in 3-lb, ready-to-slice or pre-sliced portions in three flavors.

The Agave Rosemary Lamb Ham features 100% pure agave syrup and rosemary with notes of nutmeg, fennel and garlic.

The Lamb Pastrami is seasoned with coarse ground black pepper, coriander and brown sugar, then smoked with hickory and mesquite.

The Tikka Masala Lamb Ham features cumin, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

Aussie Select is currently the only ready-to-eat lamb on the retail market, World Select said. The company also has plans to launch the products to the foodservice market.