JOHNSTOWN, COLO. — Flowers Foods, Inc. is adding to its Canyon Bakehouse frozen bread line with the launch of gluten-free Sub Rolls and Hawaiian Sweet Bread.

“We’re excited to add the Sub Rolls and Hawaiian Sweet Bread to our frozen lineup,” said Danielle Benjamin, brand manager for Canyon Bakehouse. “These are items our consumers have asked us for, and we love being able to bring these delicious ideas to life for the gluten-free community.”

Canyon’s new artisan-inspired Sub Rolls are soft and chewy and contain 5 grams of protein.

Canyon Bakehouse Hawaiian Sweet Bread is available in an 18-oz loaf featuring whole grains and 4 grams of sugar per slice. Canyon’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread has been available as a 15-oz loaf in the company’s Stay-Fresh packaging since 2018.

The frozen bread products will feature Canyon Bakehouse’s new packaging, which the company unveiled last month. According to the company, the new design features iconic elements of the original packaging design, including bold colors and the classic red top. The package also features a streamlined layout with a larger call-out to “Gluten- Free” built into the logo, making it easier for shoppers to identify the brand’s gluten-free products, the company said.