PETALUMA, CALIF. — Andy Berliner is resuming his role as chief executive officer of Amy’s Kitchen. He succeeds Xavier Unkovic, who is leaving the company to pursue another opportunity. Mr. Unkovic had been CEO of Amy’s since last fall and president of the company since 2017.

Mr. Berliner, along with his wife Rachel, founded Amy’s in the late 1980s when Ms. Berliner was pregnant with the couple’s daughter, Amy. Amy’s Kitchen makes more than 250 varieties of products in the United States, including frozen entrees, bowls, pizzas and burritos, as well as canned organic soups and beans, salsa, pasta sauce and candy.

“We started Amy’s Kitchen over 30 years ago to satisfy a need for organic, vegetarian, great tasting food,” said Mr. Berliner, who has been serving as executive chairman of the board of directors. “Today, more people than ever are seeking the kind of food we’ve been making from the start, so we’re working hard and excited to meet the growing need, all while striving to improve the wellbeing of people and heal the planet through our business. We have a lot of work to do, but we’re deeply committed.”