KANSAS CITY — Interest in ingredients and dishes from around the world have inspired innovation in the condiment category from sauces to spreads and from dips to dressings.

Many consumers have continued their love of traveling through their taste buds during the pandemic, according to Kerry’s new Global Taste Trends report. The level of adventure depends on the consumer, with some craving authentic representation of international cuisines and others wanting to dabble in unfamiliar tastes through approachable and familiar formats, Kerry said.

Taste exploration also is shaping the trend toward novel flavors, with new and unfamiliar flavors piquing consumer curiosity.

“Authentic international flavors and ingredients also add novelty to consumers, especially if they’re unfamiliar,” said Soumya Nair, marketing insights director, North America, at Kerry.

“Authentic international flavors and ingredients also add novelty to consumers, especially if they’re unfamiliar.” — Soumya Nair, Kerry

Mexican meals fueled the ideas for Sabra Dipping Co.’s new Mexican Street Corn Inspired Guacamole and Lakeview Farm’s new Rojo’s Cantina Dips, which are available in Chicken Enchilada Verde, Chicken Fajita and Beef Taco varieties.

Caribbean cuisine inspired the introduction of Jah Mama Sauce, a new hot sauce that fuses the flavors of select scotch bonnet peppers with a blend of Caribbean-inspired spices.

Nasoya’s new Kimchi Relish, which pays tribute to Korean flavors, is available in mild and spicy varieties. The all-in-one hot sauce and kimchi condiment is vegan and cholesterol-free.

Greek dishes inspired the debut of Litehouse, Inc.’s Purely Balanced Tzatziki Ranch Greek yogurt-based refrigerated salad dressing.

Regional cuisine from across America served as the inspiration for a new line of sauces from Pit Boss Grills, a subsidiary of Dansons, Inc. The portfolio includes Kentucky whiskey barrel BBQ sauce, St. Louis hickory and brown sugar BBQ sauce, Texas mesquite and spice BBQ sauce, Kansas City maple and molasses BBQ sauce and Memphis hickory and vinegar BBQ sauce.

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