HEERLEN, THE NETHERLANDS — Royal DSM has introduced Maxavor Fish YE, an allergen-free vegan fish flavor solution.

The algal oil-derived ingredient is available in two flavor profiles: Maxavor Fish M YE, which replicates the body, mouthfeel and taste of rich and oily dark fish, and Maxavor Fish W YE, which emulates fresh, light and fleshy white fish. Added during the blending of dry ingredients, the low-sodium flavor solution may be used to create a variety of fish and plant-based fish alternative products, including fish nuggets, fish sauce and fish cakes, according to the company.

DSM’s wider portfolio of fish alternative solutions includes Gellaneer gellan gum hydrocolloids, which deliver texture in plant-based products, as well as Quali vitamins and DSM Premix Solutions for enhancing nutritional value.