FITCHBURG, WIS. – Glanbia Nutritionals has introduced OptiSol 3000, an ingredient that has been shown to replace eggs in bakery applications. Manufacturers may list OptiSol 3000 as flaxseed meal and whey protein concentrate on ingredient lists.

According to the Fitchburg-based company, OptiSol 3000 provides a cost-effective alternative to eggs in such applications as cakes, muffins, pancakes, sweet bakery mixes, baked bars, eggs rolls, wantons, and refrigerated cookie dough. It may be used in a 1:1 inclusion rate for dried whole eggs. A Glanbia Nutritoinals’ texture analyzer showed no significant difference in texture between using OptiSol 3000 and dried egg yolks.

“The increasingly volatile prices in the egg industry means that bakery manufacturers are looking for a replacement that is cost-effective but also maintains the same sensory properties which appeal to consumers,” said Marilyn Stieve, business development manager – flax at Glanbia Nutritionals, a division of Glanbia P.L.C. “We have found success with flaxseed-based ingredients in our popular OptiSol line, and our research has extended the functionality of flaxseed to an egg replacement ingredient. Glanbia Nutritionals’ research on muffins, corn bread and cookies shows that in terms of texture, moisture management, grain, flavor and color, OptiSol 3000 can achieve the same profile in finished baked goods as dried egg yolk.”