SOMERSET, NJ. — Advanced Food Systems, Inc. offers a range of ingredient systems for creating authentic tasting Mexican, Tex-Mex and Southwestern food products.

The company’s Chef-Ready and SeasonRite Seasonings may be used to create bold flavors and visual appeal in a variety of products, including proteins, vegetables, plant-based alternatives and rice. Its Chef-Ready and SeasonRite marinades are available in flavor profiles like achiote, al pastor, adobo and carne or pollo asada.

AFS’ Chef-Ready and Actobind products may be used to create fillings for handheld products that are bake-, fry- and microwave-stable, and its Actobind EPS may be used to extend shelf-life in tortillas.

The company also offers a variety of stock bases for soups and sauces, including Actoloid 977 for tomato-based sauces and Actoloid NC-7 and Actoloid 2124N for quesos. Its SeasonRite chili bases may be used to create freeze/thaw-stable or retort-stable chili or chili sauces.