LENEXA, KAN. — Corbion is leveraging its approach to lactic acid expansion to advance its sustainability agenda.

The company has invested in more efficient and sustainable technology at its lactic acid facility in Blair, Neb. The project increased capacity by 40% without increasing the plant’s total energy-related carbon emissions. Once the project is completed, the cradle-to-gate carbon footprint per ton of lactic acid produced at the plant will be reduced by 9%, according to the company.

The plant already is powered by 100% renewable electricity.

“Growth is always exciting because it shows that we are meeting our customers' needs now, but that growth is truly sustainable only if it's achieved in a way that considers future needs, too,” said Diana Visser, senior director of sustainability at Corbion. “Our initiative at Blair demonstrates that it’s possible to produce substantially more without enlarging our energy-related carbon footprint. Ultimately, that’s an essential part of our ability to continue taking what we need from the planet while respecting its limitations.”