LAS VEGAS — Edible dookie dough brand Doughp has joined forces with spirit alternative maker Ritual Zero Proof to create new Whiskey Maple Bacon Cookie Dough.

The maple-flavored cookie dough is infused with Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative, which combines botanicals to deliver the flavor of traditional whiskey without the alcohol. The dough also features bacon bits and chocolate chips mixed throughout.

“Teaming up to create non-alcoholic Whiskey Maple Bacon cookie dough was a no-brainer,” said Marcus Sakey, founding partner of Ritual Zero Proof. “We’re no stranger to trailblazing products, and neither is Doughp.”

The new Whiskey Maple Bacon cookie dough, which may be eaten raw or baked, marks Doughp’s first flavor to incorporate a non-alcoholic spirit.

“Over the years, I’ve seen the trends of booze-infused desserts,” said Kelsey Moreira, founder of Doughp. “But as I’m nearly six years sober, that just simply wasn’t going to happen. Thanks to Ritual Zero Proof, we can finally meet that consumer trend while staying true to our company mission. I’m so excited to announce the first-ever booze-free Whiskey Maple Bacon cookie dough. Cheers to that.”

Doughp Whiskey Maple Bacon cookie dough made with Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative is a small batch production available on Doughp’s website through June 16.