EUSTIS, FLA. — Florida Food Products (FFP) offers fermented mushroom juice concentrate as part of its VegCon line of vegetable concentrates.

The lacto-fermented mushroom juice concentrate offers manufacturers a clean label replacement for ingredients such as sodium inosinate and guanylate, MSG and autolyzed yeast extract. It delivers a mild mushroom flavor in a variety of applications, including sauces, dips, plant-based meats, flavor systems and more, according to the company.

The ingredient, which may be labeled as “fermented mushroom concentrate” or “natural flavor,” reduces sodium levels by up to 25%.

“Our VegCon Fermented Mushroom Juice Concentrate is a fantastic choice for food product developers working to clean up labels in response to consumers’ desire for simple and familiar ingredients,” said Christopher Naese, vice president of business development at FFP. “It can also be used at higher levels to provide a more robust mushroom flavor.”