NEW YORK — Tiny Organics, a startup focused on early childhood nutrition, raised $11 million in a Series A funding round led by Springdale Ventures, with participation from InvestEco, Silas Capital, Human Ventures, VegInvest, Babylist, Gaingels, XFactor Ventures, Natureza and Howard Morgan.

Co-founders Betsy Fore and Sofia Laurell launched Tiny Organics last year with an assortment of organic meals that contain no added sugar or salt. Prepared fresh by an in-house executive chef and a team of neonatal scientists, the recipes are created in collaboration with Tufts School of Nutrition to suit baby and toddler developmental milestones.

Funds from the Series A round will go toward scaling the team, building customer awareness and developing new product categories and sales channels, as well as accelerating the company’s mission-aligned partnerships. Tiny Organics works with Michelle Obama's Partnership for a Healthier America, a nonprofit promoting health equity, and was a founding member of the organization’s Shaping Early Palates initiative. It also works with the Plastic Pollution Coalition to reduce plastic usage.

“Tiny Organics' vision in the marketplace is compelling: to positively impact a generation of adventurous eaters by shifting away from sugary purees to a whole-food, savory-forward, nutrient-dense foundation with meals that are both convenient and comprehensive for the modern parent,” said Genevieve Gilbreath, co-founder and general partner of Springdale Ventures. “While that vision is inspired, what separates Tiny Organics from the other companies in the sector we looked at is the world-class execution of this vision by Betsy and Sofia to bring Tiny Organics to all communities across the nation.”