ABBOTTSTOWN, PA. – Dan Morgan, currently on the board of directors for G&S Foods LLC, will become the company’s chief executive officer. Thomas Dempsey, the current CEO, will retire on Dec. 31 and continue to serve on the board of directors. Mr. Morgan will join G&S Foods, a co-packer and private label manufacturer of salty snacks, on July 12 and become CEO on Jan. 1.

Mr. Morgan has more than 30 years of experience in consumer packaged goods. He led PopCorners as president and chief commercial officer of BFY Brands, Inc. from 2015 until PepsiCo, Inc., acquired the company in 2020. Sales doubled under the leadership of Mr. Morgan. Before joining BFY Brands, he served as chief sales officer of Snyder’s-Lance, Inc., where he was responsible for leading and managing the company’s revenue with direct-store delivery, direct and export sales.

Mr. Morgan began his career at the Boston Popcorn Co. He later co-founded and launched two food and snack companies: Bay State Snacks and Patriot Snacks. At Bay State, he launched the Famous Amos cookie line in grocery accounts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, eventually selling it to President Baking Co. Snyder’s of Hanover eventually acquired Patriot. Mr. Morgan served as chairman of SNAC International.

“I am pleased to have Dan Morgan join our management team as CEO,” says Ed Good, chairman of the board for G&S Foods. “Having been on the board of managers since the company was acquired in 2018, Dan is familiar with the company’s operations and is comfortable with the current owners, managers and executive team. Dan has the management skills, experience and industry knowledge to lead the company to even greater heights in the next few years.”

MAW Acquisitions LP acquired G&S Foods in 2018.