KANSAS CITY — Niagara Bottling LLC, whose products include a broad range of bottled waters and teas, said it will invest approximately $156 million to establish a 634,000-square-foot facility in Kansas City.

The facility will be Niagara Bottling’s second in the Kansas City area. In 2000, Niagara Bottling opened a 420,000-square-foot manufacturing plant at the corner of US Highway 71 and Missouri Highway 150, which employs 90 people. The new facility, which will be located near Kansas City International Airport, is expected to create nearly 100 jobs, the company said.

“Niagara Bottling is excited to establish a second manufacturing facility in Kansas City, Missouri,” said Brian Hess, executive vice president for Niagara Bottling, LLC. “This new facility will allow Niagara to produce new beverage products and serve important customers in the Midwest.”

The company cited the Kansas City region's central location, availability of skilled talent and strong community relationships as key drivers of its decision.

“We appreciate the highly competitive and attractive combination of location, infrastructure, logistics and workforce in the Kansas City region,” Mr. Hess said. “Niagara has built a strong team and community relationships in Kansas City, and looks forward to maintaining our leadership in the areas of manufacturing, innovation, supply chain and overall environmental stewardship.”

Founded in 1963 by Andrew Peykoff Sr., who started bottling Niagara water in five-gallon glass containers for home and office delivery, Niagara Bottling built its first facility in Irvine, Calif. The company’s products include purified water, spring water, distilled water, infant water, pH balanced water, alkaline water, sparkling water, vitamin enhanced water and tea.