CAMBRIDGE, MASS. — Global Organics is introducing clean label peanut butter chips.

Made with four simple ingredients, including organic peanut flour, coconut or cane sugar, cocoa butter and salt, the inclusion is free from common food additives such as partially hydrogenated oil, corn syrup solids and dextrose, according to the company. Made without soy, dairy or artificial flavors and preservatives, the vegan-friendly chips are high in fiber, protein and potassium. They may be used in baked, room temperature and cold/frozen products.

The coconut sugar version is FODMAP friendly and has an extra molasses/fruity taste profile and a lower glycemic index, said Cathy Fichtner, cocoa + chocolate category manager at Global Organics.

“Consumers will devour products made with these chips,” Ms. Fichtner said. “These shelf-stable chips bring every advantage conceivable to manufacturers. They function well at room temperature so they can be mixed into trail mix or no-bake bars, they remain soft and hold their flavor in ice cream and they bake beautifully.”

The clean label peanut butter chips are produced in a facility that uses renewable energy and is 100% carbon neutral.