BOISE, IDAHO – J.R. Simplot Co. is launching reduced-fat frozen french fries.

CravOn fries are partially cooked in a blanching process and tossed with olive oil and sea salt before frozen. With 2 grams of fat per serving, the product is available in four varieties: ripple-cut, steak-cut, diamond-cut and diced.

“We believe that the fresh, natural potato taste and reduced fat of each CravOn product will be well received by generations of potato consumers who yearn for a more natural, tastier experience,” said Gary Laney, director of sales and marketing. “Potatoes are nutritionally beneficial, especially in their natural state, and CravOn further enhances that goodness with the same great taste and half the fat of regular fries available in supermarkets today.”

The product is available in select retailers for a suggested retail price $4.59 per bag.