DES MOINES, IOWA – Kemin Industries has introduced an interactive tool called the “Flour Tortilla Doctor” that may be found on the food technologies section of the Kemin website for North America. The tool is designed to solve process and quality issues like shelf life extension and operational efficiency.

“We are excited to offer tortilla manufacturers a new tool that offers a simple and efficient way to problem-solve during the manufacturing process,” said Courtney Schwartz, marketing director for Kemin Food Technologies — Americas. “Our new interactive tool, ‘Flour Tortilla Doctor,’ works by walking manufacturers through their application and areas where they may be encountering issues. The ‘Flour Tortilla Doctor’ then diagnoses possible issues and offers solutions — such as Kemin batch packs and premixes — to create an improved tortilla product and get products to market quickly.”

Des Moines-based Kemin offers a portfolio of batch pack and premium tortilla systems, including TillaPack batch pack solutions for flour tortillas, TillaSoft dough conditioners and tortilla softeners for flour tortillas, TillaZyme enzyme gum blends for corn tortillas, and Shield mold inhibitors for corn and flour tortillas.